Finding the Female Libido

There are a many reasons why a woman’s libido might start decreasing. Mostly- it’s a simple issue of aging or health-maybe the effects of medication. Alternatively-the complication could be tied to an emotional issue,or exhaustion. The point is that sometimes there is a simple solution for fixing a woman’s sexual desire, but this needs to be looked at in detail and analyzed.

As far as health goes it could be something as simple as falling estrogen levels. Thinking that this is just an older woman’s malady can be a mistake; this can easily start in younger women also.

Decreased estrogen levels can lead to a number of issues, such as a lack of lubrication and painful sex, that eventually can cause a number of issues that might be considered a low libido condition. Medications can also contribute negatively; decreased sexual desire may be a side effect.

The emotional side of a decreased libido can be more complicated to take care of, but it’s far from impossible. Sometimes it’s a self-esteem issue that has festered in a woman -finding herself undesirable and causing her to feel that sex is just out of reach.

Sometimes just a bit of fantasy and role-playing is enough to bring back enough intimacy and open a doorway…..

A dwindling libido might be linked to issues within a relationship, but there’s a really good chance that it’s not a severe issue that might cause a serious burden on the relationship.

In many situations it might be something that’s just a case of small, preventable issues piling up until a sexual roadblock has been formed. It’s important to investigate negative feelings and try to resolve these coherently.

image descriptionA positive attitude within the relationship will serve as a solid backdrop and help to stimulate increased sexual chemistry…

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